How to find replica using taobao and weidian?

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How to find replica using taobao and weidian?HOW TO FIND REPLICAS USING TAOBAO AND WEIDIAN (2023 UPDATE)

What you will need

  • A Taobao Account

    • Down below are three guides on how to make a Taobao account, from experience it is very easy for your account to get frozen if it’s new so please read carefully in the 2nd guide on how to avoid such things.

    • If your account gets frozen OR you don’t want to use your real phone # for Taobao, use Google Voice to create your account.

  • ALTERNATIVE WAY TO GET A TAOBAO ACCOUNT (Credit to /u/1736484 !)

    • Download AliPay app

    • Make account with your phone #

    • When forced to log in on Taobao, open up Alipay logo on the bottom under where you’d normally put in account/password

    • Open Alipay app and hit the scan button

    • Scan QR code

    • Confirm log in on phone

    • BAM you’re in baby!

  • CLEAN picture of the product you want (this means StockX photo, retail listing photo, someone wearing the piece, etc.)

  • Taobao App (how it looks on Iphone) — preferred if you want readily access to image search

How to search on Taobao

  • Log in to your account on your mobile device (should show you in the guide above how to do so)

  • Once logged in, you will see this page. Click on the camera icon on the search bar

  • From there you can choose what image you want Taobao to use for the image search

  • Usually takes a few seconds but it will pull up results if it finds anything similar to that item

    • You will know it cannot find the item via the chosen picture if it brings up this message. I would recommend trying different pics of the same item if that’s the case as it might be a resolution issue.


  • SIDE NOTE: Even when logged in on mobile, Taobao will prevent you from viewing some product listings

    • One way to bypass this issue is to use the Store search function that are provided by some buying agents. The only two I know of who have this feature currently are Superbuy & Pandabuy which I will link down below

  • When you have loaded onto the Taobao product page (looks like this) you will want to then hold down on the title of the product & press the button the right side (see the pic as I marked it).

  • By doing that you are copying the non-mobile Taobao link to the product & can put it easily into your agent of choice!

  • From personal experience, I have had MUCH MORE success using the Taobao application (and Weidian) on Iphone rather than using the desktop search function

    • Also, there is no translated version of either this app or the Weidian app. If you need to translate, take a screenshot on your phone and use Yandex Image Translator


    • You can also use the regular search bar simply by using the brand name in English (or Chinese) and the article of clothing in Chinese (Example, Supreme T-shirt = Supreme T恤, Sup T恤)

  1. Here is a list of Chinese search terms that will help you during your searches

  2. This method also works on Taobao desktop version, however like the image search I have far better results using normal search on the Taobao app


What you will need

How to search with Weidian desktop

  1. go to Google

  2. type (insert search term here, refer to Chinese search terms above)

  3. Google will pull up Weidian links for you, however there can be a lot of out of stock or broken links so just be aware this is not a 100% success rate method, but a quick and easy way to find something, can also do this with Taobao as well!


What will you need

  • Weidian App

  • Weidian Account (Can use phone # or WeChat to login, but will optimize the application better as said before with Taobao mobile)

How to search on Weidian Mobile

  1. Download the Weidian application

    1. SEE HERE HOW TO DOWNLOAD WEIDIAN ON ANDROID DEVICES (This same process was from my 2020 guide, if there is a different/easier way to access Weidian on Android let me know & I will give you credit!)

      1. Click on this link

      2. Click on the person icon here

      3. You’ll be directed to this page, from then click on blue button here

      4. Getting this pop up will be no problem, click on download

      5. After downloading, you’ll be greeted to the Chinese app store

      6. Skip by not downloading any app and Closing the first page

      7. Once you get to the front page, click on the download on the right corner here

      8. After it has finished downloading, click on the green button and allow the app to download from unknown source (The Appstore)

      9. After downloading the app, Launching it would greet you to this page simply just click on the red button and you’re good to go! Sign-up/login to your Weidian account (again optional but better in the longrun)

  2. Weidian App Home Screen

  3. If you get to this page once logging in, you can now go up to the search bar and use the same methods as when searching Taobao Mobile (if image search fails) and Taobao/Weidian Desktop


    1. If you see a seller you like and want to follow them for future releases, you can follow sellers and click on the far left of the screen (where you see all those notifications) to bring you to the page that shows the sellers you follow & their new products

    2. See here what it looks like

If you guys have any questions about the guide, please feel free to comment below or add me on Discord  and I will try to help you to the best of my abilities (but please read this guide first before asking me questions)

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