Buy reps from middleman or agent? How to choose the suitable for youself?

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Buy reps from middleman or agent? How to choose the suitable for youself?How To Buy Reps:

There are two distinct paths through which you may seek out reps.

A) Buying through a middleman (MM)

B) Using an agent

Option A: Middleman

A middleman (MM) is someone that will go to the factory on your behalf and ship you the shoes straight from their hands to your door. MM are very experienced and have tested all the batches available in China. They sell the best batches they can get their hands on. The process is simple.

Middleman Pros:

  • Free inspection photos of your purchase (quality check).
  • Typically the fastest way to get reps.
  • Easy English communication via WhatsApp and Paypal.
  • No hidden fees. What you see is what you get.

Middleman Cons:

  • Out-the-door costs can be higher, and may appear so at first glance. But many services (e.g. HQ QC pics) are included in the price and are not a hidden fee.
  • MM offer a smaller variety of products vs agents.
  • With some Middleman, direct communication through apps like Whatsapp and WeChat are necessary. On the plus side, you can negotiate pricing here.

Conclusion: If you are new to the rep scene and/or are prioritizing speed, simplicity and reliability–or if you do not care to spend serious time & effort researching the current market options–then using Middlemen may be a superior choice. Just follow the ESL links, contact your desired dealer via WhatsApp/WeChat, and start your rep journey!

Option B: Using An Agent

When you see “use an agent,” it means utilizing an e-commerce platform like PandaBuy or WeGoBuy to purchase links you find on Taobao, Weidian, or Yupoo. An agent will order the goods for you, ship to their local facility, and hold the goods until you are ready to ship to your address, where you will then pay for international shipping. Remember, you pay twice. Follow the guide below.

Agent Pros:

  • More versatile. You can buy anything you would like (not just shoes).
  • Provides access to both low and high tier shoes to fit your budget ($-$$$).
  • Can create large packages (a.k.a “hauls) and ship many items at once.
  • Using the PandaBuy app, you can easily search for your desired product.

Agent Cons:

  • Shipping fees and hidden costs may add up. Agents can be said to “nickel & dime” you.
  • Processing times are typically slower.
  • Many links may end up being out of stock, which delays the process.
  • PayPal recharge fees and unfavorable exchange rates.

Conclusion: Most would agree that if you know what you’re doing and what item/batch/version you’re looking for, agents are the way to go. If you have decided to take the agent route, please read below for a more detailed guide on the process.

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