【Guide Part IV】 Repfam Terminology & Sizing Chart Translations

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Glossary of Common Terms

【Guide Part IV】 Repfam Terminology & Sizing Chart Translations

QC: Quality Control (QC for short) is talking about pictures that are posted from an agent of an item that was ordered. Users will post these if they’re unsure about the quality and would rather have someone else take a look at them if they’re good enough.

LC: Legit Check (LC for short) This is a tag used for posts requiring a legit check. Legit checks are a great way of finding out if a item you’re purchasing is authentic or not.

GP: Guinea Pig (GP for short) You will be the first person to order a sellers new item. This means you’ll be the first to get pictures of their product and often times you’ll post them to be checked for quality by the community.

FIND: Much like the name states. Posts with this flair are often linked to new products that haven’t been posted before.

W2C:: Where To Cop (W2C for short) W2C refers to the search for a desired item. Often times will be linked with retail images for an example.

1:1: One to One (1:1 for short) 1:1 refers to a perfect replica. However, not many exist and often times you won’t be able to get these as they’re sold out.

GL: Green Light (GL for short) GL Refers to a user who has given their approval of a QC post.

RL: Red Light (RL for short) RL Refers to a user who has given their disapproval of a QC post.

B&S: Bait & Switch (BS or B&S for short) B&S Refers to a seller who has advertised their product and sent goods that are different from advertised.

2. Tops

尺码: Size

领宽: Neck width

领长: Collar length

肩宽: Shoulder width

袖长: Sleeve length

袖围: Sleeve circumference

袖口: Sleeve/Cuff opening

肘宽: Elbow width

胸围: Bust width; Chest width

3. Pants and Trousers:

腰围: Waist

臀围 or 坐围: Hip width

衣长: Length

松量: Relaxed (measurement)

拉量: Stretched (measurement)

前直档长: Front rise

后直档长: Back rise

裤长: Trousers length

拉链长: Zipper length

内长: Inseam

大腿围: Thigh width

裤脚围: Leg opening

裤脚宽: Trousers width

身高: Height

长度: Length

宽度: Width

4. Shoes

脚长: Foot length

美国: US

英国: UK

欧洲: EUR

中国: China

厘米: cm

毫米: mm

英寸 or 寸: inches

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