【Guide Part I】Why we need agent to help buy goods from china?

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【Guide Part I】Why we need agent to help buy goods from china?Welcome to RepIsland, the worlds largest online Navigation website for all things related to replica goods but also other products from China such as electronics, food, and much more! Started in 2019, RepIsland has grown to become a leading and comprehensive navigation site in the world-wide movement towards purchasing goods from China. Throughout the years there has been numerous malicious sellers who have done the community wrong which is why I’m writing this guide – to allow for a better and safer experience throughout your journey.

In the current world environment it is important to use an agent. Agents offer additional security when ordering from websites such as Taobao, Weidian, 1688, and even direct sellers!

1. Agent help you solve the payment issues

As we all know that almost all e-commerce platform accept Alipay and wechat pay as payment method, such as weidian, Taobao, Yupoo, JD, Pingduoduo etc, so we cannot pay direct to most of chinese seller. Agent can help us to buy goods that we wanna buy and pay.

2. Agent offer security guarantee for us and seller

We have language barrier to communicate, Agent will help us as a intermediary to chat with sellers.

3.Agent offer QC and worldwide shipping service

Most of seller cannot provide worldwide shipping for us, even if some can do it, we cannnot ensure the seller ship the goods as they display or promised one, but Agent will help to unbox and take QC pictures to us, your agent will ship to you after you approved QC

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